Journey Partner Ministries

Carrying each other’s burdens.

Serving each other through love.

Partnering with women 

married to pastors and

women in ministry

on their faith journey, working through love to attain unity

and build up the body of Christ.


I provide individual coaching and consulting,

training for conducting small groups and facilitation of groups,

and educational experiences and materials.

Soul Care

Journey Partner

Journey Partner


Leadership and Spiritual

Journey Resourcing

One-on-One Session

Small Group Community and Group Conductor Training

Retreat, Conference, Women’s Event, Denominational Event, Leadership Training, Bible Study, Church or Group Gathering, Faculty In-Service, Etc. 

  • How to better keep in step with the Spirit
  • Create a rhythm of spiritual practices tailored for your needs and desires
  • Deeply embrace the biblical understanding of self-care and intimacy with Jesus
  • Receive pastoral care from a woman’s point of view, as the pastor’s wife you don’t have a pastor…and we all need one
  • Receive spiritual and/or leadership coaching where we explore questions and strategies that bring you closer to God’s heart and the heart of your calling
  • Small, intentional groups
  • journeying together toward Jesus in faith through love
  • empowered by the Holy Spirit to keep in step with the Spirit
  • serving one another and carrying each others burdens in unity
  • in order to build up the body of Christ and grow up into Christ.
  • Community with peers and a trained conductor
  • Safe and Confidential
    • Variety of denominations to guard against information filtering through leadership and harming the pastoral job.
    • Group Covenant of Confidentiality
      • What happens in group, stays in group – no sharing with husbands.
  • Get conductor training and begin gathering your group today.
  • Learn to lead from the inside out through self-understanding, self-development, and self-grace
  • Learn to match your leadership desires with a fruitful strategy
  • Interactive experiences that invite spiritual transformation
  • Learn how to engage in spiritual practices
  • Create space and invite the Holy Spirit to bring:
    • greater vitality and dependence on prayer
      • genuine love and acceptance of self
      • more biblically centered relationships

Lynn’s Story

Lynn has always loved the Lord, at least for as long as she can remember. But lately, it is getting harder. She is 32 with two young kids and endless laundry. Sometimes she stares into the washing machine and watches the water swirl, back and forth. That’s how her life feels: kids, clean, cook, work, church, sleep, repeat. Her higher education didn’t prepare her for this. Her husband seems to be rarely home. When he is home in body, he is often not in mind. He has just started his second pastorate and the demands are high. He gives so much to the church that he feels empty by the time he gets home. And who can blame him? How is she supposed to compete with a calling from God? As the new pastor’s wife on the block, she was asked to lead VBS this coming summer. Panic swept over her body, her gut tightened, and her mouth got dry. She knew it would not be her gifting, but those looming expectations from the church and those she had of herself… They were haunting and daunting.
Who could she talk to? Who would understand?

Beth’s Story

Beth didn’t grow up with a sense of what a “pastor’s wife” was supposed to be. The vision she has for herself and her family never seems to be what the congregation is expecting. Now, her husband is on his third pastorate and it’s largely due to her. She’s determined to only do and behave the way she believes God is calling her, but the pressure is on for her husband to be able to keep a job in a church. She never thought that her “not fitting the mold” would cause so much upheaval. It’s so painful. Why can church people be so cruel? Where is God in this? She doesn’t want to share information with the denomination, because that could negatively impact her husband’s job. She doesn’t dare share anything in the church or community. Her sister and childhood friend try to be supportive, but they just don’t understand: the church is different on the inside.
Where can she go? Who is willing to listen?

Shelly’s Story

Shelly serves side-by-side with her husband. She loves doing ministry. Sure, the church is pretty much getting a two-for-one because she does so much and gets paid nothing. But, she’s made peace with that. Still, there are days and weeks where it’s just overwhelming. She’s expected to carry so much responsibility and conduct so much ministry without any real power. She can’t really speak-up at meetings and she can’t share her frustration with her congregational friends. She knows she’s coming to the end of her rope, but she doesn’t know what to do about it. She’s heard the messages about pouring out your cup without taking time to fill it back up, but when is there time for that? Taking time to for her own soul feels like a luxury, like sneaking a treat for herself when she should be feeding someone else a Bible meal. She doesn’t want to become weary of doing good, but honestly, she is just plain weary. Is she not trusting in the Lord enough? Is she a bad wife…a bad Christian? Who can help her walk through this? Where can she find peer support?

Meet Elisa Renae Ashley:

Spiritual Companion, Coach, Instructor, Executive Director


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In my heart I believe that Christ loves me, stands up for me and with, and calls me to serve others. With the purpose of love, I want to stand with you, so you can stand in the love, peace, power, grace and calling of our our Savior, Jesus. I desire to be all God designed me to be and to serve those he brings. I long to know Jesus more deeply and be found in him more securely. Philippians 3:10-12.
I grew up all around the Southeast, and still have the shadow of an accent to prove it. I went to college at Middle Tennessee State University and was a school teacher for 10yrs. I haven’t seen it all, but just about.  I went to seminary at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary I was in full-time church ministry for 7yrs., before starting my Doctorate in Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation at George Fox University’s Portland Seminary. I’m on track to graduate in 2019. 
God has given me a heart for women married to pastors. These women are so often placed in an untenable position. They are usually expected to move mountains and resourced with barely a shovel to do it. Being inside the church brings unique rewards and blessings, but it can also bring times of misery and desperation. As we say in the South, “Ain’t no hurt like church hurt.” These women love Jesus and are seeking to serve him. They deserve every ounce of support we can give them, in this often stressful role. 
I have a heart for those women serving in church, para-church and non-profit organizations. These women are on the front-lines of ministry and face struggles of time constraints, discrimination or dismissiveness, and the spiritual battles that come with advancing the kingdom. They deserve a confidant, an understanding companion and all the wisdom and knowledge we can share. 
I’ve faced my dark night of the soul. I’ve looked church-hurt in the face and felt God’s redemption on the other side. I’ve felt the pain of fear, stress, doubt, betrayal, poor health and I deeply and genuinely believe in the hope of a way through. Jeremiah 17:7
I’m here to listen and share, not to judge or condemn. To connect you with other sisters to support you in a loving, authentic community. And to help you get a vision for the next steps God has for you.
I’m also here to, to be honest, to laugh and have a good time!
Among other things, I am…
  • talkative, energetic and, honestly, somewhat absent minded with a propensity for falling down
  • a lover of hats
  • rescuer of animals
  • laughter enthusiast
  • barterer of shelf space with her husband for their many and varied books
I am a woman. I am your sister in Christ. I am your servant. 

Meet our Board of Directors

Buddy Dutton,


Jennifer Carter,

Secretary, Co-Treasurer

Deacon Larry Thum,


  • Buddy has a big heart, a strong sense of right and wrong, and makes the best barbecue in the southeast.
  • He brings to the Board years of serving on a church leadership team, a down-to-earth, common-sense approach to solving problems, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • He is dedicated and dependable.
  • Jennifer has a tender heart of gold, unbreakable trustworthiness, and is the best proofreader you could ever ask for.
  • She brings to the Board a long-suffering walk with the Lord, expertise in finance including business school, and the desire and ability to follow and enforce regulations.
  • She is resilient and reliable.
  • Deacon Larry has an unshakable theology, a desire for those around him to succeed, and is the best chef in Philly.
  • He brings to the Board his expertise as a deacon, organization and steadiness of thought, and tireless dedication to the Lord’s work.
  • He is effective and fervent.

Dr. Rev. Leslie Attema,


Angie Lugo,


Jazmine Grundy,


  • Leslie has the gift of compassion, endurance, and makes the best banana bread south of the Yucatan!
  • She brings to the Board not only a Doctorate but years of ministry experience, a passion for spiritual formation, and a level, discerning spirit.
  • She is wise and authentic.
  • Angie has the gift to rise above, a boldness to face problems head-on, and can sing so sweetly it will bring tears to your eyes.
  • She brings to the Board a spiritual intimacy with the Lord, a Bachelor’s degree, and thorough analysis.
  • She is encouraging and devoted.
  • Jazmine has a gift of intelligence, the willingness to speak truth, and is unparalleled in her ability to review a movie.
  • She brings to the Board the struggle of her faith journey, a Master’s degree, and the perspective of a young, female leader.
  • She is persevering with a great wit.
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